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We are excited you are exploring the possibility of bringing a team to Primo Tapia, a uniquely beautiful, yet complicated Mexican town. It ranges from vehicles on highways passing by, to locals riding horseback along the dusty dirt roads. It holds million dollar ocean views but families often live in make-shift spaces without running water.

We have built an amazing space for you to come and experience it all.

Our Team Base is located right in the heart of town and on the same block as our Children’s Center, La Hermosa Church, and is just a 2 minute walk to our Youth Center.

Of course you’ll also want to check out the bakery, ice cream shop, and local taco stands that are all within walking distance.

CDL’s Team Base is a fully gated property with all the amenities you’ll need for your stay. Our dorm building has rooms with bunk beds, mattresses and bedding, and separate bathrooms and shower rooms on each floor. You may want to bring your own ear plugs as the sounds of Mexico are very real. But we believe the dogs and roosters add a certain charm.

Our main building is a space for all of your community time as a team. It holds an industrial kitchen and dining room where you can all enjoy your meals together, as well as a floor to meet together as a group with couches, tables and ping pong.

Our courtyard includes a fire pit where you can have campfires for your group in the evening, as well as a sitting area to meet, have lunch, or spend time chatting.

We are sure you will feel comfortable and safe in the space we have created for your team as you serve alongside us at Casa de Luz!

We can’t wait to welcome you!